Sabbath Week

Since January 1, 2012, The Salvation Army Yarmouth Community Church has been honouring a Sabbath Week. Every seventh week, all evening church activities ceases from Monday to Friday. This gives our pastors and families occasion to rest and find themselves restored. Often church life can be a busy life, so it is important that we find time to care for ourselves, our family and our time alone with God. What can you do to make the most of a Sabbath Rest? Here are some tips:

  • Find a quiet place or a quiet time in your home and sit and listen for God. He won’t disappoint. Leave your Bible and a devotional book or “Our Daily Bread” on your favorite chair, so that every time you sit down, you will be reminded to open God’s word and spend time with Him.
  • Practice hospitality. With everyone’s night free from programs, invite someone in and enjoy good conversation over a cup of tea. Make it intentional and invite God to be present with you. Share with each other favorite scripture texts, or what God is doing in your life; a blessing; a concern…you’ll find someone in the circle ready to share in your joy or sorrow.
  • Take a night and turn off every electronic device that would distract you from being quiet. That’s right, no cell phone, or T.V. or computer…instead start your evening with an intentional prayer that God will fill your time productively. Take a walk; talk to your children; invite a neighbour to play a game; sit out and watch the stars…be filled with joy in His presence.

We will be resting from program and evening activity. Make the most of your time!