Community Care Ministry

This is a special ministry to the practical and spiritual needs of people in our church and community.  Ministry to seniors, prison ministry, hospital visitation.

A Story from the Community Care Ministry:

One of our Community Care workers, Linda Muise has a wonderful “Prayer Shawl” ministry.  She has knitted close to 170 already.  She gives them to people who are hospitalized or ill at home and as she knits, she prays for the one who it will go to.  As a church we have given out many of her shawls at Christmas time during our carolling to nursing homes.

The miracle in this story is that Linda has severe arthritis in her hands and have undergone surgery on several occasions to help maintain the use of her hands.  She put it like this, “I prayed to the Lord about this ministry and told him that if this is something he wants me to do, He will have to provide the strength in my hands and the wool.”  Today Linda’s shawls can be found from Resolute Bay to Thunder Bay to Saint John and Newfoundland!

She has never been without wool, and God has been faithful in using her gift for His glory.